Follow up to Nerdy Monday: I answer my first piece of Fan Mail.

This blog is about 2 months old now, and I have done 6 Nerdy Monday segments.  I have finally started to have a decent size audience, and have received both fan mail and hate mail.  I usually don’t make a post about answering my fan mail, but I like this one, and wanted to let my readers know what all I have going on over here.  Steven from St. Paul writes:


i love the vidgame reviews. keep em comin! i have a pretty big collection of games and was wonderin which games you have? i dont have many systems but am slowly gettin all of them off ebay.  which games would you recommend for the systems? i have added a trackback to your blog so i am notified whenever you post something new.

best regards

steve m.”

Steve, I have lots of games, I get them from eBay (if the price is right), and the local flea markets here in the TriCities.  I’ve kept an inventory of everything I have, and update it somewhat frequently so I don’t accidentally buy the same game twice.  Here’s photo-shots of the notebook I keep my inventory in.

Just to get it started…

The FC Twin was the birthday present I got that started this whole collection.

The only games on this entire list I have not tested are the 32x games.  I’m looking for a power cord for it to test it out though, probably by the end of the month.

The Dreamcast games (that I burned) have all been tested, and are working.  If you live locally, I can burn them for you, for a price!

Yeah, there are some good ones, and there are some bad ones.  Gotta love the Dreamcast!

Yeah.  I’d like to know how much all of this would cost someone.  Like if I were to sell it tomorrow, what would be a fair market price for everything?  To answer, e-mail me at

Now we’re getting into the serious stuff.

There have been some additions to the list since the last time I revised it.  But that should answer your question Steve M.  As for the games I recommend for each system, you’re just gonna have to keep checking back here as I review them!  I look forward to getting more fan mail and answering more questions.  And just to nip anything in the bud right now, don’t e-mail me asking to buy something you found on my list.. I’m not a seller, I’m a collector.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have about 400 video games I have to go play!

The Jester.


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