Nerdy Monday 11: Can we say “Boy meets World”?!

Who out there doesn’t remember this show?  If you remember it, you loved it, you know you did.  Don’t lie to me.  If you don’t remember it, you’re either 10 years old (in which case, stop reading my blog!) or you were “too cool” to watch it.

Remember those “cool” people from the ’90’s?  I do, they were mostly teens, or early 20-somethings.  They were just so jaded.  THEY were the people who loved the movie “Cocktail” and hated everything else.  Their entire world view was upside down.  Which makes sense that they didn’t like “Boy Meets World (BMW)”.. right?  BMW made sense, and that world view was funny, home-spun, platonic, simple, and pleasant.  Since those people thought that was “weird” (when we all thought it was normal), it makes sense.  It’s okay, we didn’t need them to like our show, we were fine by ourselves!

The Characters:

I’m not going to give you a run down of the character profiles.  If you’re reading this, you’ve seen the shows, and you remember the characters.  if you haven’t seen the show, seriously, you’re 10 years old, stop reading this!

What I’m going to do, is tell you what I like & what I didn’t like [if anything] about them.  And maybe I’ll give you my favorite memory, or scene from that person.


Let’s start off with the “star” of the show, get him out of the way.  Corey (or Cory, whatever) is played by Ben Savage, the baby brother of Fred Savage, who we all watched grow up on T.V.  in the Wonder Years.  And we caught a pivotal period of time for Ben too.  I think the show started when he was in the 3rd or 4th grade, and we followed him into college.. we covered a lot. 

His character was kind of dorky, slightly neurotic the way Ben Stiller was in “Along Came Polly”, but he was cool.  I’m sure a lot of people related to him in some of the episodes.  How can you not relate to a guy who looks like this:

Jew-Fro, and all!

The most memorable scene he was in, for me anyways was when he was in college, rooming with Sean, his BFF, and there was a rubber band on the door.  I think we all know what that means.  Sean had just broken up with Angela, and Cory met up with her outside of the door.  He started pulling on the rubber band, and Angela said “Cory, you don’t have to do that”, and Cory responded by saying: “That’s very kind of you, but this body doesn’t just happen!”

He was reliable, trustworthy, honest, and kind.  And a lot of kids my age, back then, looked up to him.  But c’mon, all the guys wanted to be a little like…

Shawn Hunter

He was the cooler, more charismatic, disturbed “bad-boy” that all the ladies wanted.  He had everything.  A leather jacket, a best friend who would do anything for him, girls swooning for him, and his real life name is Rider Strong.  RIDER, FRIGGIN’, STRONG!  Who can forget a name like that, and an even better point is, who doesn’t go into the adult film industry with it?  You don’t even need a stage name.  Oh well, I guess Mr. Strong is a little more humble and down-to-earth than I give him credit for.

Cassanova in the 1990's. Where are you now, my friend?

He was funny, he dressed in drag in one episode, and was just dysfunctional enough to make you praise the Lord above for your own family.  no matter how crazy you thought they were/are.

My most memorable scene with Shawn Hunter was when his father was talking to Cory’s parents on speaker phone and he was taking off to go look for Shawn’s mom after she had ran out on them.  He wanted the Matthews’ to look after Shawn, and the Matthews’ said they would talk to Shawn about it.  The dad responded by saying: “You don’t have to.. one thing about my boy Shawn is that when someone’s talkin’ ’bout him, he’s usually right there.”  The camera panned out, and there he was, standing in the stairway.  It was pretty badass.

He was suave, troubled, successful, a little bit of a slob, and overall he was the man.  Sometimes his jokes seemed a little forced, but it may have just been bad writing.  no big deal, Rider sure pulled that character off.  He definitely wasn’t as funny as…

Eric Matthews

Now HE rocked.  He was eccentric, goofy, but made his own way through the world.  He had an innocent personality, and I’d put some dollars on him getting more ladies than Shawn.  Remember the episode when Frankie and the other bully wanted someone to emulate, so they clung to Eric?  That was good T.V. right there.  Eric was like Zack Morris on Saved By The Bell, but on a totally different level.  Zack was a little more conniving, whereas Eric was just stupid enough to be relate-able to.  I loved his character.  I didn’t want to be him as much as I wanted to be around him.  I wanted a dude in my life that acted as off-the-wall as he did.

I'd chill with him.

He was the man.  The most memorable scene he was in was every scene he was in.  He showed up, stole the show, then left.  Nothing was forced, nothing was awkward, everything was awesome.  But let’s be honest, none of the characters held a candle to

Topanga Lawrence


Wow.  Who didn’t have a crush on Topanga?  She was loyal, honest, trustworthy, faithful, and super-duper hott!  Whew, I need a drink of water.  Can you blame me though?  Seriously?

I've never wanted to be a football jersey more in my life.

Honestly, can you blame me?  I don’t know what else to say about her.  Her character was lovely, she built beautiful relationships with everyone on the set, and she had wonderful chemistry with everyone!  She was what I wanted in a girlfriend.  Well, I wanted HER as a girlfriend, but I’d settle for a girl similar to her.  You know what I mean!!1

The most memorable scene was when she put the pants on in her relationship with Cory and asked him to marry her at their high-school graduation.  That rocked.  I also liked when Cory was having an altercation with someone else, and Topanga was standing right there, and Cory blurted something out that was a tiny bit offensive, and then turned away and pointed at the other character and yelled “GET’EM, TOPANGA!!!” in a really raspy voice.  That was hilarious.  All guys have been there, you have a problem with someone and don’t want to deal with it directly, send your girlfriend.  I’ve done it.  As a matter of fact, I did it a few days ago.


I know there were more characters on the show.  I don’t want to do them all in one article though.  The Matthews’, Minkus, and who could forget Mr. Feeny?  I’m going to leave you all pondering that, and looking forward to a tribute to Mr. Feeny sometime in the near future.  I’m also going to leave you with this:

Ms. Fishel.. call me sometime!

*All images are property of their respective owners and may be subject to copyright laws.  Images obtained through Google Image Search.*


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