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Nerdy Monday 24: 2nd and Charles

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I am finally going to be writing more regularly.  I had a lot of stuff gonig on these past few months (years, really), and I thank you to everyone who has visited my site during the hiatus.

I wanted to come back on a Nerdy Monday, because that (in all honesty) was my favorite post to write each week.  Since the last time I posted a Nerdy Monday article, I’ve moved.  Therefore the locality of the blog articles to be written are going to pertain mostly to Northern Virginia/Washington D.C.  For some articles, like the top 10 lists, locality won’t matter.  However, for this re-introduction special to Nerdy Monday XXIV, I’m going to be talking about Heaven on Earth.  Or simply by its name: 2nd & Charles.  Particularly the one in my home town of Woodbridge, VA.  How can you not love a place that puts this up on its facebook page:

It might be photoshopped, but this is ALWAYS what I see pulling into the parking lot.

It might be photoshopped, but this is ALWAYS what I see pulling into the parking lot.

For those of you who have never heard of a “2NC”, allow me to explain;  It’s a sort of 2nd hand bookstore, music store, game stop (more like a now defunked Funcoland), toy store, and comic book store all rolled into one.  Personally, I go there for the video games.  Like a moth to a flame.  Because they buy back older books, vinyls, comic books, and everything else, they have a lot of old video games.  I’m talking about original Gameboy, all the original Nintendo, Sega Master System, Genesis, Game Gear, Game Cube, etcetera, all the way up through the X-BONE & the PS4.  What’s not to love?!  I’ve told my fiancee that I could spend hundreds of hours, and thousands of dollars there, and it’s true.  I have to give myself a limit on how much I am going to spend before we even leave to go there, and I almost never stay below budget.

If you haven’t liked them on facebook yet, do it!  If you haven’t subscribed to their e-mail list, you’re missing out.  On facebook, they put up all sorts of pictures of new items they bought back, or deals they have on clearance items, it’s wonderful.  When I have nothing to do, while I’m out running errands with my family (that don’t directly involve me or require my help) I get dropped off there and 3 hours goes by in the blink of an eye.  Also on facebook, you’ll receive special promotions they have at the buyback counter (another one of my favorite departments).  The most recent one I participated in was:

LAST DAY to receive DOUBLE CREDIT when you trade in your used#videogame #consoles, #games, and #accessories! Drop by before 7pm and SCORE BIG with buyback today!
#retro #pikachu #snes #nes #n64 #nintendo #gamecube #xbox #xboxone#xbox360 #playstation #PS4 #PS3 #ps2 #sony #atari #ds #dsi#smashbrothers #destiny #nostalgia #woodbridge #virginia #nova
Photo: LAST DAY to receive DOUBLE CREDIT when you trade in your used #videogame #consoles, #games, and #accessories! Drop by before 7pm and SCORE BIG with buyback today!
#retro #pikachu #snes #nes #n64 #nintendo #gamecube #xbox #xboxone #xbox360 #playstation #PS4 #PS3 #ps2 #sony #atari #ds #dsi #smashbrothers #destiny #nostalgia #woodbridge #virginia #nova
 [Author: excerpt from 2NC’s facebook page]
Yes, DOUBLE credit for any old video games and consoles.
If you know me personally, AT ALL, you know that I’ve amassed quite a vintage video game collection.  Nothing crazy, or youtube worthy, but nobody needs 6 Sega Genesis consoles, all of the same model.  Even worse, I felt I didn’t need more than 2 PS1’s seeing as how my PS2’s and PS3 play PS1 games.  Also, all the duplicate copies of games I have had to go.  Opportunities like this don’t happen very often, so for most people, it’s a way to streamline your ’80’s & ’90’s arcade, as well as build up some store credit at a great place like 2NC.  What I want to do with my collection (and your plan for yours may be different) is to get rid of all of my cheaper games, and focus on getting the good games that everyone remembers.  OddWorld: Abe’s Exodus, Contra, Commando, Final Fantasy VII, Anything Crash Bandicoot.  I know I’ll never have a collection like my mentor, The Angry Video Game Nerd’s, but I’d like my collection to make people a LITTLE envious!
This place seriously has something for everyone.  Autographed & classic books, vinyl records and CDs out the ying-yang, every Wednesday is New Comic Book Day, movies and TV shows on DVD, toys, collectibles, video games, and a ton more.  I spent close to 100 dollars one time on stuff I didn’t even know I needed!  A tetris Ice cube tray, space invaders alarm clock, video game cases, DVDs I wanted in my library for $2.50 a piece, a poster that went perfectly in my living room (before my fiancee told me to move it).  Batman stuff, comic books, t-shirts, and a joker thumb drive are on my “To Get” list as well.  I know they don’t need any advertising from me, and I’m not getting paid by anyone to write this article, I just genuinely love 2nd & Charles.  So, like I said, if you haven’t checked it out, check it out, like them on facebook and join their mailing list.  When they buy back things, you can get cash too (though not as much as if you got store credit), so it’d be nice for someone who wants to find a good home for the junk they don’t use.
I’m probably going to be writing about 2nd & Charles for a couple of more Nerdy Monday spots, so I’ll keep you up to date on what’s going on there.  It’s not lazy using the same topic or subject, there’s just way too much at that store to put in one blog article.  Until then!
Say whaaaaat?

Say whaaaaat?








See you at 2ND & Charles!


*All images obtained using “2NC Woodbridge” Facebook Page.  Link to Cinemassacre used without permission*


Top 10 Tuesdays 16: T.V Shows

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If You’re like me, there’s nothing better than coming home from work, getting a hot shower, something good to eat, kicking your feet up, and flipping on the tube just in time for your favorite shows to come on.  There are a million different T.V. shows out there, but I’m going to count down my favorite 10 non-animated T.V. shows.  Your list may differ a little bit, but when your blog grows up big and strong like mine, you can go ahead and write your own list.

#10.  Breaking Bad

This show is just awesome.  Malcom in the Middle’s dad and some other little punk kid start making a ton of bank by cooking crystal meth.  There are all kinds of twists and turns, and it just shows you what a slippery slope dealing drugs is.  There are all kinds of close calls, and it doesn’t help that the main guy’s brother-in-law is a head honcho in the DEA.  It’s full of drama, and 95% of the time will keep you on the edge of your seat.  Give it a watch.

#9.  Pawn Stars

I absolutely love, love, love the History Channel.  Before you can say anything to the effect of “But Jester, this isn’t a real history show!” let me explain something.  Yes, there are a lot of documentaries on the History Channel that I watch.  The rise and fall of the Roman Empire, Nazi Secrets and the Occult, anything on the Civil War or WWI always catch my interest.  But rarely do they have a series of documentaries that will catch (and hold) my interest.  Pawn Stars is a break from all of that, which has entertaining characters and scenarios, and also offers a little bit of history of its own.  I know this isn’t your average pawn shop.  I grew up in Northern Virginia, and there were pawn shops a plenty.  There was one man who lived across the street from one of my best friends at the time who owned 3 pawn shops.  This man had more awesome cars than he knew what to do with.  He had 2 Shelby Cobras that he competitively raced, an old mustang that had toeasily be worth 100 grand, I saw a few Corvettes (new and vintage) in his driveway a time or two, and I’m pretty sure there was a yellow Ferrari there for a little while.  So the pawn business must have been pretty good to him.  But I’ve been inside 2 of his shops, and it was mostly used electronics, jewelry, archery bows, and modern pistols and hunting rifles.  He had a small section of car stereos and heavy duty tools, but there wasn’t much more than that.  The Pawn Stars make me want to go to Vegas and buy something out of their shop just to say I’ve been there.  Also, I like the idea of becoming a celebrity (however small) over your own family business, it’s a great sign of success.  Another perfect example of that is American Choppers.  Anyways, I love this show because the information you learn about each individual piece that comes into the shop.  Did you know that Evil Kinevel’s first motorcycle was a Harley that he stole when he was 13?  Pawn Stars taught me that.

#8.  House

I used to love watching medical dramas with my father.  I’d wake up at all hours of the afternoon and he’d be watching Forensic Files, Dr. G: Medical Examiner, or anything on Discovery Health.  I turned my dad onto watching House and he made it a point to start watching that show whenever it came on.  He loved it, so maybe this one is more of a comfort blanket for me.  In either case though, the cast is awesome, the plot is very detailed and finely tuned, and the characters are very vivid with a detailed past that shines through in every episode.  It’s rare to have all of that in one show.  PLUS(!) they play marathons of house on USA every week or so (at least a couple of times a month).  A very enjoyable show with just enough comic relief to call itself a drama without it being solely run on the Lifetime Network.

#7.  Everybody Loves Raymond

Some people might say this show is overplayed, old, stale, or lifeless.  I say the exact opposite.  I am a little biased though, because this was my fathers favorite show.  he never missed an episode, even if it came on Nick at Nite at 3am.  That’s how much he loved it.  So this is definitely a safety blanket for me, I feel closer to him whenever I watch an episode.  I don’t think I have to explain the synopsis or characters to anyone out there because I’m pretty sure everyone in the world has seen at least one episode.  But here goes anyways: it portrays a borderline dysfunctional family with original characters and an amazing cast.  Seriously, have you seen Peter Boyle alongside Gene Wilder in the old black and white movie Young frankenstein?  Have you read the cookbook/partial autobiography written by Doris Roberts entitled Are you hungry, Dear?  The cast is amazing and those two people are very accurate in portraying the stereotypical “crazy parents” that you’re always embarrassed of growing up.  You know the kind, the parents you don’t want your friends to meet because “they’re just so weeeeeird”.  It’s great.

#6.  Two and a Half Men

I like this show because it’s kind of like watching a PG version of Charlie Sheen be himself.  And who doesn’t really want to see what one of the biggest non-rockstar party animals of our generation is like?  The mom is hilarious, as is the neurotic brother, Alan.  Here’s a little known fact, Jon Cryer played a really weird character (I believe it was the son of Lex Luthor) in the movie Superman IV.  He also won an Emmy over Neil Patrick Harris’ performance in How I Met Your Mother, so he must be doing something right.  The only complaint I have for this show is that the little kid playing Jake has progressively gotten less and less funny as he’s gotten older.  I know for this show, everyone involved has been at the mercy of Charlie Sheens personal life and reputation, and I hope for the shows sake that they find a replacement for Sheen and let everyone keep their job.

#5.  Scrubs

Here’s another show that everyone says is overplayed.  But I think it was hilarious from the first season, to the last.  It sucks that it was canceled.. twice for that matter.  But it truly was an entertaining show.  It launched Zach Braffs career as an actor, director, and if I’m not mistaken, as a writer.  It made Donald Faison (the black guy) known for something more than the movie Clueless.  It also made a lot of guys develop a TV crush on Sarah Chalke, the multi-talented, multi-lingual, and mega-hott actress.  Here’s something interesting, Neill Flynn, the Janitor is a Bradley University Alumni.  Bradley is where I spent my first 3 years of college.  A very enjoyable show, and worth multiple viewings.  It also inspired a spin-off where they got almost the entire cast back together and it was called: Scrubs Med School.  I think that ultimately turned out to be a flop though.

POST SCRIPT: My apologies.  Scrubs Med School was the unofficial title of the ninth and final season of scrubs, it was not a spin-off.

#4.  Frasier

This is my favorite and undoubtedly the most popular spin-off of Cheers.  It was definitely the most successful.  I believe this is the oldest show on my list, and is only one of 3 that is solely in syndication.  I just love the way Kelsey Grammer is hilariously pompus, and his voice makes his on screen radio personality eerily believable.  I also love the back and forth Frasier has with his brother Niles, and his housekeeper Daphne (who is now on Hot in Cleveland with Betty White).  My favorite character of all though has got to be John Mahoney as the father of Frasier and Niles, Marty Crane.  The casting for this show was nothing less than outstanding.  If you’ve never watched an episode, watch one.  I’d be willing to wager that it will soon become one of your guilty pleasures, as it has mine.

#3.  The Big Bang Theory

This is the modern day Frasier for a younger audience.  Each one of the main 4 guys does an outstanding job at their role.  All of them, at least once an episode, but usually more, get a really big laugh in with a quotable quote.  Overall it is very enjoyable and I can’t wait for it to come on every Thursday night!

#2.  It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

This show is truly a rags to riches story.  All of the main characters are the creators of the show.  None of them had any previous Hollywood experience and now the show is in its 6th or 7th season!  And the main guys (Mac, Charlie and Dennis) are writers, producers, and directors.  Not to mention they star in their own show.  Hilarity ensues with everything they do.  It’s a little crude or raunchy, and it’s really not for everyone, but I can’t get enough of it.  It’s definitely not for the whole family, so don’t go inviting your mom to watch the DVDs with you.  And it’s perfect because the guys have really short attention spans, can’t stay focused on anything for very long, and everything they do starts out with good intentions but ends up in a horrible mess.  Life is a slippery slope, and this show puts the exclamation point at the end of that statement.

The Winner, and #1.  How I Met Your mother

This show is truly enjoyable from the pilot episode all the way up until the most recent one.  I had never watched this show, but was strolling through best buy one day and bought the first season of it on DVD because it was on sale for very cheap.  After that, I had to get every season the day it came out.  This is a show you can watch with your mom, or brother, or anyone really.  There are some awesome jokes, and running gags, as well as different subplots in each episode that tie in with something that happened in a previous season.  The producers and directors do a fantastic job of bringing everything full circle in a timely manner.  The main characters name is Ted, but Neil Patrick Harris’ role of Barney steals the show.  Every.  Time!  did you know he got that role because of his appearance in Harold and Kumar go to White Castle?  That’s how it happened.

See you on the couch from 8-10 most weeknights.

The Jester.


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Nerdy Monday 20: Transformers (2007)

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I’ve been thinking about how to set up this nerdy Monday post for a while now.  I batted it around, chewed it up, all that jazz, but I think I’m just going to dive right in.

I’m going to be talking about the first Transformers move directed by Michael Bay.  Before the movie came out in 2007, the only other Transformers movie there was, was the full-length animated 1984 installment entitled Transformers: The Movie.

I remember the opening day of the movie.  I went to the midnight sneak preview of the movie here in town.  And let me just be clear about this, in my small corner of the world, movie theatres are never ever at risk of selling every seat in the house.  But this night, it was a packed house.  I had to get there more than an hour early to get a mediocre seat.  I don’t know how to explain it, but in the theatre that night, the air was electric.  Everyone was dressed up somehow in a Transformer’s tee-shirt, a few of them brought some action figures, one guy had boots on that looked like Optimus Prime’s feet!

I remember vividly the shock and awe, and the uncontrollable yelling and applause when Optimus first came on the screen.  I remember the same thing happening when all the transformers, and the 2 main characters of the movie gathered in that alley and all of the Transformers started changing into their robot-form.  It looked awesome, it looked detailed, and it looked like it could be real.  It could have been happening right in front of us in real life, and we (the audience)  couldn’t be more excited!

As I looked around the room, I noticed that everyone was right around my age.  I was born less than one year after the pilot episode of the Transformers aired.  So I literally grew up with all the characters from that show.  I wish I still had all of the toys, comic books, and VHS tapes I recorded the show onto.  It would be a treasure trove of awesome nostalgic memorabilia.  And we all (I know I was) had been waiting for this movie to be made for a long time.

That same feeling came back to me when that movie was released on DVD/Blu-Ray and put on the Wal-Mart shelves.  Again, I showed up at midnight, and waited eagerly for the stock boy to bring the palate jack out with the Transformers movie display on it.  I waited along side 2 or 3 dozen other people all wearing Transformers shirts.. and the guy with the Optimus boots was there too.  It was odd, I know, but it’s the truth.

Michael Bay is looked down upon by a few critics, but I think he did an awesome job with this movie.  He knew how sentimental the fan base was, and did not disappoint.  I don’t care that everyone says he has too many explosions in his movies.  Or how he has too many jump-cuts to different scenes, or the whole Armageddon fiasco he was made fun of for.  He took the Transformers and made something cool, even cooler.  Bay even received an award from the man who created the Transformers AND the CEO of Hasbro (the company that makes/licenses the Transformer toys) for being humble, noble, and staying true to the morals upheld By the Transformers.  Yes, he was that serious.  [If you bought the special edition DVD with the bonus features on it, you’d know that already].

So not only did this pretty much make Michael Bay a pop culture icon, as well as a household name, it launched Megan Fox’s career.

Thank you Transformers. And Michael Bay.


Sure she’s done some crappy movies in between the filming of the Transformers/Bay movie franchise.  Seriously, what was that whole Jennifer’s Body supposed to be?  But no one is watching her for.. well, I think we all know what people watch her movies for.

Shia Lebeouf is also in the movie, he’s the star, or something.  I don’t know, I think the people who did the voices of the robots should have been cast about Shia.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Shia.. I actually watched him back in the day when he was on the Disney Channel show, Even Stevens. I think he’s hilarious!  It just seemed a little off to me when he was cast as Sam Witwicky in Transformers, only because it’s a more dramatic role.  It was different at first, and he did an okay job.  I think he developed his character towards the end of the first movie.  He just seemed more comfortable in the role, and it showed.

Who knew this kid would grow into his nose and be the guy a new generation of Transformer fans would want to be.

Oh and he made out with Megan Fox!

Overall, I am very pleased with the way these movies are unfolding.  And the next one is being filmed in Washington D.C.!  That’s my old stomping grounds!  I was born and raised not too far from there.  It sucks that they had an on set accident with one of the BumbleBee cars:

But with all the money involved in this franchise, I’m sure they have more than one of everything.

This movie is overly satisfying, nostalgic, clever, and just plain old awesome.  It’s funny in the right spots, and very reminiscent of the old cartoons/comics.  The only thing that irked me a little bit, was that GM plugged an entire line of cars to be used for the movies.  I think they could have diversified the line up a little, just to make it more exciting.  But I have to give them credit for making BumbleBee a Camaro, because in the old cartoons he was a VW Beetle.  Or more commonly referred to as “the bug”.  I can see how that’s a cool play on words, but for real, no one today would think of BumbleBee as an intimidating “Guardian” alien robot as a Bug.

Pictured: Definitely not a badass intimidating Guardian alien robot with a heard of gold.

I can’t wait for the next one to come out.

Fun Fact #1:  Did you know the voice of Megatron was the same guy who played Agent Smith in the Matrix movies?

Fun Fact #2:  And the guy who did the voice of Jazz (The Pontiac Solstice) is the guy who played Eddie Winslow (Steve Urkel’s friend) in Family Matters?

That’s it for now, see you in the ticket line for the next installment.

The Jester.


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Nerdy Monday 19: My Tribute to Canadian Comedy

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Yes, for those of you out there that are wondering.  I used the words “tribute”, “to”, “Canadian”, and “comedy” in that order, in the same sentence.  I know a lot of people who look down to Canada/Canadians.  Sometimes the way they pronounce the word “about” as “a-boat”, or the way they say “Zed” instead of “Zee” [like the letter], or the influence the French have over them is kind of funny to us Americans.  That’s it, there’s no rebuttal here for that.

And the Canadians take it all in stride, as they are prone to do.  But you have to hand it to them… some of their sitcoms and “mature cartoons” are far superior to the kind of comedy we have stateside.

The two examples that jump out at me right off the bat are: The Trailer Park Boys, and Odd Job Jack.  We’ll take them one at a time.

The Trailer Park Boys are pretty much national treasures in Canada.  They go on tour, had a successful 7 season run with their show, and have even gathered a pretty decent sized cult following in the U.S.  I even read somewhere that they had the choice to shoot the show in Hollywood, but they had to give up some of the creative control and censor themselves for American television.

They opted to keep the show based in Canada due to that reason.  Let me tell you up front, that there is a lot of foul language involved.  There is also excessive drug references, and alcohol use (abuse?).

Obviously the show takes place in a trailer park.  It revolves around the exploits and misadventures of the 3 main characters: Julian, Ricky, and Bubbles.  There are a lot of running jokes throughout the show, but it’s also just so off the wall and randomly hilarious that you don’t have to watch the episodes in order.  You can just jump right in and start laughing at the crazy dialogue, the wacky antics, and the overall persona of each character, no matter how major or minor they are.  Check out a few of these “Best Of” clips, just to get the gist of the show:

The Best of Bubbles Part 1:

The Best of bubbles Part 2 (He’s my personal favorite character):

The Best of Ricky:

And check out this clip entitled “Best Police Chase Ever”:

It’s one of the guilty pleasures I have.  Maybe it’s not for everyone.  Maybe it wouldn’t have been as popular if it were shot in America.  Maybe it’s a little rude, crude, and raunchy.  That’s it, there’s no rebuttal here, either.  It’s funny, it’s unique, it’s clever, and it’s Canadian.

Odd Job Jack is a cleaner version of the cutthroat style comedy the Trailer Park boys gives off.  It’s a mature cartoon based in Canada, that’s comparable to The Simpson’s, Family Guy, American Dad, and the like.  I found it while stumbling through Hulu one night, after I drank too much coffee and was forced to stay up way too late.

It revolves around the main character, Jack, who doesn’t have a steady job and is forced to work at a temp agency.  I think we’ve all been there at one point in our life!  Okay, I have, at least..  But this isn’t about me, it’s about Jack.  Jack is a 20-something that lives with his pretty normal mother, his hippy-esque sister, and his pot smoking grandmother.  He has an asian friend who helps run a family owned convenience store, and another friend who is a genius, but is also agoraphobic.  You don’t have to look that one up, it means that he is scared of open spaces.. basically the opposite of claustrophobic, which means that he hates leaving his apartment.

So every episode Jack goes to the temp agency and is handed a different job.  There’s quirky dialogue, awkward flashbacks, and the character of Jack himself is just goofy.  It’s much more family friendly than the Trailer Park Boys (that goes without saying, I think), and it’s just a very enjoyable show to watch.  It’s not as raunchy as some of the mature American cartoons, and it doesn’t rely on a lot of pop culture references the way Family Guy does.  Or maybe it does, I just don’t know that much (if anything) about Canadian pop culture.  Either way, it’s hysterical.  Again, like the Trailer Park boys, it’s a series that doesn’t make you have to watch the beginning episodes to think the later ones are funny.  I highly recommend watching a few episodes.  It’s something fresh, and exciting.  Something that probably not a lot of Americans have heard about, and if you’re reading this and you have heard about it, then good for you.. go get yourself some cookies.  Check out a few of the clips below, and feel free to pass it along to your friends.

Those are two of my favorite episodes, anyways.  If you have to sign up for a Hulu account, please do it.  This is a very underrated cartoon that deserves more attention.  I would love to own the DVDs so I can watch them anytime I want.  If anyone feels like donating a set to me, e-mail!

It’s a maple leaf on their flag, not something else.. potheads.

The Jester.


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Nerdy Monday 16: The Sitcom Wisemen.

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There’s a formula to the cast of any given sitcom.  There has to be a star who is somehow naive.  It’s up to the supporting cast to guide and direct him/her on their journey.  In the supporting cast, there has to be a wealthy person, a best friend, a girlfriend who post often proves to be the voice of reason, and of course there has to be a wise man, or a mentor.  I’ve picked 3 of my favorite wise men, and dons some research on them.  This is my tribute to the sitcom wise men!

Wilson, from Home Improvement.

In the world of the sitcom wise men, Wilson was in a class all his own.  He was in the popular show based on Tim Allen’s stand up comedy that ran all the way through the 1990’s.  Literally, the show ran from 1991 to 1999.  And I’m pretty sure Wilson was in every episode at least once.  Wilson, or known by his full name:  Wilson Wilson, Jr. played the extremely intelligent best friend and next door neighbor to Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor.  And whenever Tim follied up in his every day life, he ended up chatting across that infamous fence with Wilson.  Time after time, Wilson had the best possible answer for Tim.  One of the running gags in the show (if you remember) is that Tim would take that advice that Wilson gave him (that was usually most noted by Wilson’s historical points, or famous philosophical works made to drive the point home) and he would turn around and try to tell them to his wife in the show, or his audience on Tool Time.  Every single time, he would misquote Wilson, or the name of the person who made the famous work, or the historical event.  He would mispronounce Wilson’s long words, on a few occasions, and those were my favorite ones.

If you isolate the persona of Wilson, and look back on the show, that was the 1990’s way of trying to give your children (namely my generation) a moral compass.  Exactly the same way The Animaniacs were allowed on the WB Network because of the last 40 second segment entitled “The Wheel of Morality”.  You can’t blame them.  They were the ’90’s, they always had some awkward way of trying to teach kids the right thing to do.

Wilson, we thank you for all that you gave to us (and our kids) growing up, and wish you were still around to impart your wisdom.

And here’s what he looks like in real life:

He was also the creepy old guy in the horror-cult-classic Pet Sematary.

Dr. Cox, from Scrubs.

What can I say about this guy?  Dr. Percival Cox, M.D. has been a mentor to me since I started watching the show Scrubs in its 3rd season.  I’ve been a closet fan of John C. McGinly (the actor who plays Dr. Cox) for a long time.  He’s one of those guys who has been in every movie ever made.  Some of you may remember him from Platoon, or Wall Street. The younger kids probably first saw him as “one of the Bob’s” in Office Space. Any ways you slice it, he is awesome.  He is the epitome of awesome.  Back during my last few years of college, my friends and I would party on Friday & Saturday nights while watching DVDs of this show.  Each one of us had a character that we most related our personalities to.  I got elected Dr. Cox.  One of my friends was the Janitor, our friend “Turk” automatically was Turk.  And the list went on.

When word of that little game got around campus a little bit, some people looked down on me because I was “A Dr. Cox”.  I didn’t care though, I took it as a huge compliment, he is the smartest person on the show.  I mean, who else could give out little nuggets of wisdom like these?  Haha, I love it.  And if anyone disagrees with me, I think this video clip of Dr. Cox’ top 5 rants will change your mind about him.

Also, another thing about Dr. Cox is how he delivers his wisdom.  He runs the entire gambit of wisdom-giving.  He can be hateful and sarcastic, he can be downright arrogant and a little rude.  He can be completely angry, and he can also be nice, gentle, kind, and sincere.  If you’ve ever watched the show, you know what I’m talking about and you can see the compassion in his eyes when he’s talking about something he truly cares about.  He has taught me to refrain from “biting” someone (figuratively, of course) when a simple “growl” will suffice.  And I guarantee you will learn a lot and have a few very good laughs if you scroll through that Coxism website I linked to up there.  Thank you Perry Cox for coming onto the scene and being a supporting cast member that steals the show!

Last, but certainly not least, Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World.

George Hamilton Feeny.  Who doesn’t remember this character?  The way I think about this role, played by veteran actor William Daniels, is that it progressed throughout the entire series to envelope relationships with all of the other characters.  There wouldn’t have been a Boy Meets World, at least as we know it, had this character not been involved.  Think about this seriously, for a minute!  He started out in the series as Cory & Shawn’s (or “Sean’s”, whatever) 6th grade teacher.  Fast forward to the end of the series, and he helped out every single character through various troubling and sometimes even tragic circumstances.  I would go so far as to say he was the sole person to advance everyone elses character to the next phase of life.  He helped Shawn out when his mom ran off and his dad went to look for her.  He helped Cory out pretty much every episode.  He was a “Wilson” to the Matthews’ (the parents), and was basically a foundation for the older brother Eric.  In so many ways he helped character development, while doling out good advice and being a moral compass, simultaneously.   And he did it all without being maniacal, egocentric, aggressive, or manipulative.  And rarely did he ever raise his voice.  He was a true role model that kids my age were lucky enough to aspire to.  Thank you George Feeny for everything!

Check out this video that is very memorable to me, and was probably one of the more funny Feeny moments:

That’s my rundown for Nerdy Monday this week.  See you by the T.V.

The Jester.

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Nerdy Monday 15: My Tribute to a Little Game Entitled Simply: PAPERBOY!

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Oh my gosh.  Paperboys.  What can I say about them?  I was never a paperboy, but if being one were anything like the movies or T.V. shows made them out to be, it was a rite of passage into the work force.  It helped boys become men.  It was a fast track to manhood.  However you want to say it, it was a huge responsibility.

This brings me to my first point, why is it that all the way through the entire game of paperboy, you’re delivering papers during mid day?  All the paperboys I knew growing up had to wake up at 3:30am, and deliver all of their newspapers before everyone woke up.  Not while they were out mowing their grass and sending their lawnmower at you at 25 miles an hour, or letting their dogs out of their house as you rode by.  I’d bet you that if the paperboy in the popular video game wasn’t so lazy and got up before mid afternoon, he wouldn’t run into half of the inane obstacles he did!  I’d play that game, it’d be more like having a real paper route.

Paperboy was an arcade game released in 1984.  There was a movie released about it at the PEAK of paperboy’s popularity, in 1994.  So there was a good 10 year run right there.  I can’t remember if paper boy was on the regular Nintendo (NES), but I know there was a version of it released for the Sega Genesis.  There was a sequel to paperboy entitled just: PAPERBOY 2 released on the Super Nintendo (SNES).  And as far as I can tell, they are the exact game.  LET’S CHECK OUT SOME SCREEN SHOTS!

Here’s paperboy 1:


And here’s paperboy 2:


Not much of a difference there.  I was going to dedicate an entire section of this article to comparing, and another entire section was going to be dedicated to contrasting Paperboy & Paperboy 2.  But check it out, in Paperboy 1, you ride your bike, try not to crash, refill papers as needed, dodge hazards, deliver papers to white houses, don’t deliver to red houses, and try not to break anybody’s window.  IF POSSIBLE, you try to make the paper go into the mailbox.  In Paperboy 2, you ride your bike, try not to crash, refill papers as needed, dodge hazards, deliver papers to white houses, don’t deliver to red houses, and try not to break anybody’s window.  And IF POSSIBLE, you try to make the paper go into the mailbox.  In a Venn diagram, these 2 games would be the exact same circle intersecting at every possible point.

Which begs the question:  Why was this game so popular?  Everyone had, or has played this game.  It seeped its way into our pop-culture.  Perfect example:


Sorry, that was going to be a picture, but the file corrupted.  But the video is even better.

So seriously, why was this game so great?  Was it the simplistic concept?  Was it how easily relatable the game play was?  Was it the innocence of the subject matter?  Was it the family friendly tone?

My theory is your parents bought it for you in hopes that it’d inspire you to get your own damn job in order to be able to buy your own video games.  See the logic there?  They bought you a video game, because they were hoping that they’d never have to get you another one in real life.  They were hoping that you would get so good at it on your Sega Genesis, that it would act as a simulator (of sorts) to get you a bunch of practice.  Do you see?  Then once you beat the game once or twice, they’d drop the bomb on you, saying “well, try it in real life”.

Knowing you though, I hope your parents didn’t hold their breath.

Because God forbid they’d have to keep spending $28.99 (the original retail price of Paperboy) on some dag-gone video games!  And seriously, did anyone ever beat it?  Did you ever beat Paperboy?  I never did, and I don’t know anyone who ever has, so we all would have made horrible paperboys in real life.

All kidding aside though, I think it was something about the lines, the restricted areas and the random obstacles that make this a rare game insomuch as it is both fun AND difficult.  Kind of like Bubble Bobble!  Any way you slice it though (I like it julienne), be it innocence, ease, or just simple nostalgic value this game somehow rode off the virtual streets of a fictitious neighborhood full of people that just wanted to read the news… and rolled right into our hearts.

See you at the mailbox, neighbor.

The Jester.

Nerdy Monday 14: “The Secret World of Alex Mack”– WHAAAAAT?

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First of all, I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season!  Mine was fantastic.. I’m fatter, I’m tired-er, and I’m happier.  And it’s time to OFFICIALLY take my blog articles off hiatus.  So here I am.. The Jester, is back in the house everyone.

Secondly, I’d like to thank everyone for visiting my blog even through the hiatus.  December was by fay my best month ever!  I love getting the hits, and I hope everyone enjoys what I write, I try to make it fun, and speaking of which, let’s get started on…

NERDY MONDAY FOURTEEN, BABY!!!1  This week we’re talking about…

How awesome was this show?!  Wait a second, before I ask that, do you even remember it?

It was THE SHOW to be watching between 1994 & 1998.  It replaced “Clarissa Explains it All” in the SNICK line-up.  Remember SNICK?  Man, what I wouldn’t give to get back to that time.. it was so much simpler.

Anyways, Alexandra “Alex” Mack was “an ordinary teenager, until an accident changed her life” so says the intro.  If you remember this show, you remember that intro.  A truck crashes, and spills a top-secret chemical called “GC-161” all over Alex.

I guess it wasn’t a coincidence that Alex’s father, George, works for the chemical company, or as it’s called in the show “The Plant” that produced GC-161.

I don't even think he knows he's on a show.


It’s also important to note here that the guy that plays George Mack has a pretty unimpressive acting resume.  BUT, before that sinks in, I want to say that at least he has an acting resume.  Much more than many, many people have.  But that’s the weird thing, I thought back then that he played an awesome dad.  And in doing research for this article, I came across a few episodes and watched them all the way through, he still played a great father figure, and a loving husband.  I think he did an outstanding job as one of the “background characters”.  –Oh come on, this was a kid’s show on Nickelodeon in the ’90’s, all parents were “background characters”.  I think that Mr. Blakely was a very underrated actor, and if he were given the opportunity, would have been a pretty big star.

Moving back to the show itself though, The Plant, was owned by one Danielle Atron.

I didn't feel like looking to hard for a picture of her character.

The mythical Paradise Valley is where all of this takes place, and Ms. Atron is so rich that her name is all over it.  She’s another background character that plays the antagonist of the whole plot-line.  She owns The Plant, she knows “some kid” was affected in the accident, and moves her life goal towards finding “said kid”.  That’s about it for her.  Ms. Atron has tons of money, and blows it all on trying to find Alex Mack, which I can only assume lives less than 30 minutes away from her Plant — Oh come on.. Alex’s dad commutes back and forth from there every day!

This is a family friendly show though, so let’s keep our feet on the ground, shall we…

Danielle Atron hires a “hitman”, or should I say henchman, named “Vince”, the maniacal head of security at the plant.  Vince is supposed to be a contract killer, but he is terrible at it.  In one of the episodes I recently watched (which was one of the ones towards the end of the entire series) Vince comes close to catching Alex.  And the dialogue between him and Ms. Atron go a little something like this:

Ms. Atron: ..and Vince, when you find the child.. this time

Vince:  I can collect our agreed upon price?

MA:  Yes Vince, seven figures, like I promised.

V:  Right away Ms. Atron.

Really?  They agreed years ago on a seven digit price for Alex?  Now realistically, a seven figure price tag is anywhere between $1,000,000 and $9,999,999.  but even more realistically, this was a kids show, so it was probably just a cool, even million.

Which begs the question.. if Vince was supposed to be some cold-hearted, million-dollar-contract collecting evil-doer… how in the name of all that’s pure and sacred in this world, did the show go on for 4 freakin’ years?  Did anyone see that movie “Smokin’Aces”?!  If Ms. Atron hired one of THOSE guys… this show would have been just that.  A show.  ONE show.  Probably only one of those half-shows, like robot chicken, or aqua teen hunger force.

All of that aside, it was fun growing up watching this on T.V.  Alex had wonderful parents, an awesome (and awesomely intelligent) sister who helps her through the whole ordeal.  Her best friend is awesome.  Please forgive me though, both of these characters are kind of minor to the think I want to talk most about.

Ladies & Gentlemen... (mostly gentlemen)...

How hott was she?  During the ’90’s, the show “Alex Mack” was categorized as Science Fiction, Fantasy, Teen Drama, and Comedy. Also during that time, the girl who played Alex Mack herself, was categorized as “one of America’s favorite 15 year olds”, and “the proverbial ‘girl next door'”.  And for good reason!  I don’t know if when she got drenched in GC-161 that one of her powers were to make tween boys fall in love with her, but it certainly happened.  Every guy I knew had a crush on her.

Larisa Romanovna Oleynik:

Was her father Ukrainian for naming her that, or something?  Yes, he was.  Therefore she has a Slavic sounding name.  Now, before you go all xenophobic on me, let’s remember some of the other extremely attractive Eastern European (mostly Ukrainian) woman that have caught our eye as of late…

First off there’s Yana Klochkova, the Ukrainian swimmer who won 5 Olympic medals during her career, 4 being golden in color.  Not to mention, she looked like this:

She's a swimmer. Remember when I told you that?

Next on our list is Olga Kurylenko.  A Ukrainian actress who got her big break in Quantum of Solace.  And seriously,  why is she so attractive?

Maybe it's a little because she was a Bond girl.

Then of course we have Anna Kurnikova…

Never won a single tournament, but everyone knows her name.

Also, who can forget about our favorite character in the Resident Evil movie franchise, Alice?  Also known as Milla Jovovich.

To be fair though, not too many women holding those guns wouldn't be sexy.

There’s also Daria Webowy.  Never heard of her?  She’s been on the Italian cover of Vogue a couple of times, and was the face of Prada’s Fall/Winter line.  And this is why…

She makes a great "Lady in Red".

And last but not least, we have the underrated Mila Kunis.  Some remember her from That 70’s Show, some [younger people] know her from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but mostly people know her from voicing ‘Meg” on Family Guy.  Anyways, here she is…

Totally the opposite of Meg, in real life.

Anyways, that’s enough of that tangent.

Larisa Oleynik, or as her family calls her “Rissy”, went on to play in a few different movies, most notably 10 Things I hate About You, alongside Heath Ledger… one of my favorite actors of all time (for the Joker thing, not the Brokeback thing).  She also played in The Adventures of Pete & Pete, 3rd Rock From the Sun, Boy Meets World, and Malcom in the Middle. Quite an acting resume she acquired before she was able to legally drink a beer.  Right?

Any way you slice it, there were a lot of good moments in the show, and we watched every episode with joy.  It was always great, and I’m pretty sure I can speak for all of the guys my age when I say…. I miss SNICK, and Alex Mack.

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