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Hello everyone,
I have finally gotten my life together enough to come back to writing, at least Nerdy Monday & Top 10 Tuesdays, and we’ll see where it goes from there! If you have any requests, please leave them in the comment section, otherwise check back on monday for the next installment of nerdy monday. Thanks!


A thank you letter, long overdue.

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I wrote this letter probably 2 years ago, and it seems more appropriate than ever to post it now, what with all the turmoil over in Israel and with all the crap about missing planes.  I don’t agree with some of it, and other parts of what’s going on I’ll admit I know nothing about.  But I do have friends/family friends/relatives in the military and they don’t deserve the flack they get for following orders.  Anyways, here it is:


There are millions of letters out there addressed to our soldiers.  And for some reason, I feel the need to add one more.  I want to make sure that we all understand, that even if you don’t support the cause, support our troops.

This letter is for our military; past, future,

A while ago, I read on my brother’s [USAF A1C] facebook page a quote that I can’t forget.  It read “Land of the free, because of the brave.”  That quote could not have summed everything about this country up more perfectly.  I admire our military men/women, and only wish I had the honor.. to do what they do each and every day.  Thank you.

This letter goes out to every soldier who has spent a holiday or birthday away from home.  It goes out to those who have gone overseas for Uncle Sam; for those who have seen the look in their childrens eyes when they leave.  And for the gleam in those same childrens eyes when the soldiers return.

This letter is for the Marines who keep a picture of their loved ones in a pocket close to their heart, and wonder if they’ll ever see them again every time they clean their weapon.  For the Airmen, Seamen, and Army personnell who have a brother, a sister, a mother and father.

This letter is for the soldiers who caught Osama.  For the ones who caught Sadam.  The ones who insured our freedom, once again.  This is also for the ones who were there giving back-up.  I don’t care if you were loading things on a ship, or fuelling up a jet, I thank you.  No wait a second.  WE- The United States- thank you.

This letter is for the batallion that moved in yesterday. The one no one has heard from.  We don’t know whether they will live or die.  We thank you.

This is for the sniper who is waiting on the hilltop.  It’s been a week since he’s had any food or water.  He’s staying his post, “just doing his job”.  We thank you.

This is for any veteran who has come back from war and been denied a job, or a check, or a place to live, or a thank you.  We thank you.

This is for any damn veteran who has lost a limb, or a piece of their spirit, or a part of their mind somewhere outside of the United States, in order to protect it.  Thank you.

This is for the brotherhood, the comraderie, and the overall greatness that makes our military what it is.   It’s also for [and I’m quoting/paraphrasing from someone else here] everyone who has written a check out to the People of the United States of America for the amount of “..Up to/including my life.”  Sincerely.  From the deepest, most patriotic part of my heart.  Thank you.  God Bless You, and we wouldn’t survive without you.  You soldiers are the blood running through this countrys body.

And to anyone brave enough to go to Boot Camp, Basic Training, or whatever else, sign your life over – for however long – to the government, and say “Whatever you got, bring it on!”

But most of all, this letter is for the families of those soldiers, for letting them go out there and fight for us.  We thank you, too.

The Comeback…

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Hello everyone!  It has been a crazy year and a lot of things have happened.  Again, I want to thank all of my fans that have continued to visit and comment through my hiatus.  I’ve gotten a lot of e-mail asking me when I am coming back.  As of right now, I have about 35-45 articles in some stage of going up on the blog.  I also have another 15-20 ideas on paper, and hundreds more in my head.  I’m still working on my book, and have been trying to get articles published in magazines and newspapers.  In the coming weeks, I am going to start publishing at least one article per week, and they’ll probably be a little longer, more interesting, and more fun to read than what I used to write. 

   Again, thank you all for coming back again and again, and I look forward to your feedback on my upcoming pieces!

All the best,

The Jester

Sorry about the delays…

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This is an open letter to all of my fans.  I apologize sincerely for not putting up any new content in the past several months.  I have had 3 deaths in the family recently, my mother, and both of my grandmothers, all within a short period of time.  I have not been able to do as much writing as I want to do, or as I usually do… especially for my blog.  I also want to apologize to Heather P and the good people at for not holding true to the agreement we had arranged.  But family comes first, and I assure everyone that there will be more writings going up soon, it has just been a very trying time for my family, especially my brother and I.  Thank you to all of the continued viewings to my site, and I hope to be building my fan base back up soon!

Thank you all!

The Jester.

Cool your jets!

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I wanted everyone to know that work has been crazy. I’ve been transitioning into full time, so I’ve really been busting my hump. I have tons of blogs to make up for, and posts will start going up (probably 2 or more a day until I’m all caught up) starting this weekend. Thank you to everyone who keeps checking back! Come back soon for the new content!

The Jester.

An apology to everyone…

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I am so sorry to my readers, and to the people I’ve interviewed. I have not been keeping up with the blog due to the flu, and I will be getting “back on the saddle” tomorrow (actually today). I will be starting with finishing Nancy Brown’s interview with the special olympics, and will continue forth from there. I haven’t forgotten about anything.. and I have been writing some stuff down on loose leaf paper. I have the next couple of days off so that I can get everything all caught up. Again, I am sorry to everyone, and check back soon!

Top 10 Tuesdays 11: Waiting for the cable guy.

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We’ve all been there.. they say they’re going to show up “between the hours of 10am, and 4pm.”  They don’t show up until 6pm.  What can you do though?  You have to take a day off work, you have to clear your schedule, and you have to sit there and wait.  I hate waiting, I am impatient and will find things to do whenever I have to wait for ANY utility guy to find the time between their 4 lunch breaks a day to stop by my house and do their overcomplicated version of flipping a switch.

Whether you’re waiting for cable, internet, phone, water, locksmiths, blacksmiths, swordsmiths, Ms. Smith, or the pizza guy, there’s a game you can play to bide your time.  Ten games, really.

The top 10 vids to play while waiting for [insert “guy” here]

#10.  Strider  (NES)

This game.. whoa boy, this game.  This game is to be played only by the hardest of the hardcore.  I put this game on this list because it will literally take you from 10am until 4pm, just to figure out what the hell the point of the game is.  It is a time-waster to say the least.  I can’t get past the first level.  To be fair though, I’ve only tried it in 5-10 minute spurts.  But if you have to take a day off of work, why not try and beat a game that only like 4 people in the world have ever beaten?  Go big, or go home, that’s what I always say.

#9.  YO! NOID  (NES)

Do you remember this God-awful marketing campaign excreted by Domino’s in the ’80’s & ’90’s?  Let me refresh your memory…

Well in 1990, Domino’s commissioned Nintendo into selling us a commercial that was exactly one Nintendo game in length.  Don’t worry though, other companies did it too.

This game just needs to be played.  I recently bought a copy on eBay for $2.43.  Yup, buy it now: $1, shipping: $1.43.  You play as the Noid, obviously and the point of the game is: hell-if-I-know.  Get it, play it, live it, love it, that’s what I say.

#8.  Ms. Pacman  (system varies)


I can’t say anything about this game that hasn’t already been said.  It’s an instant classic and and almost impossible to beat.  But it sure is fun to play though.  In the same stride as…. well, as Strider, if you’re going to get some time off work you can either get really good at a really bad game, or you get really good at a classic game that might get you into the video game hall of fame.


#7.  Milon’s Secret Castle  (NES)


This game goes along with the same theme as Strider.  By the time you figure out what in the world to do, your cable will be turned on.  It’s pretty cryptic and I even tried to beat this game.. let me rephrase that.  I tried to understand this game a few times growing up, until I saw this video:

Mr. Rolfe is a master at explaining all these horrible games, and this review is by far one of my favorites, if not my favorite.  Check out that video, take some notes, and play this game.

#6.  BattleTanx – Global Assault  (PS1)

I’ll be honest, I recently reacquired this game after about 10 years of not thinking about it at all.  It’s really great, and there are actually objectives!  Give it a try.


#5.  Taz-Mania  (Genesis)

Maybe this is the little kid in me, but I can play any Looney Toons game all day long.  I remember watching Looney Toons all the time back in the day, and I remember watching them with my father.  All of those memories I have with him make me a little nostalgic, which is why I love these games so much.  Taz wasn’t my favorite, by any means, but this is definitely better than Bugs bunny’s Birthday blowout, or anything like that.  If you’re like me, you can waste at least 2 hours of your day on this game.  And what better time to do it than when you have to wait on someone?


#4.  Commando  (NES)

Based on the Schwarzenegger film by the same name, equally as entertaining whilst being equally as overrated, corny and intelligible.  ONLY play this game if you have the NES advantage.  The arcade/joystick controller, for those not in the know.  Even better than that, though, is if you play the game on a console called the FC TWIN.  You can use the super ninteno controllers on that system and you can get the SNES advantage!  Waaay better + way cooler = more time you can kill before you get to watch House again.


#3.  Clayfighter  (SNES)

This game is for when you get into hour 4 of your wait.  There’s no end in sight, and you’ve already tried all of the other games on the list, and it all just made you more frustrated than ever.  Therefore it’s time to take out some aggression.  With this Mortal Kombatesque style fighting game, you will relieve your tension, and have a little fun in doing so.  The characters are a little “out-there” and cartooney.  They have special moves that are absolutely hysterical, and it’s just an enjoyable game.

Side Note: Clayfighter truly is a hidden gem in the SNES library.  I don’t remember it being all too popular when the SNES was the system to have, but it’s certainly gained a lot of popularity since the retro systems have come back around.  It’s definitely worth checking out.


#2.  Turok Dinosaur Hunter  (N64)

In the same vein as Clayfighter, this game is ranked at my #2 because of how fun it is running around a prehistoric jungle shanking people & beasts who are literally hunting you.  Hopefully the adrenaline rush you get when things pop out from behind the mist of a waterfall come at you full force, and try to kill you while you have only nanoseconds to react will pass the time quite nicely.  Just try not to scream like a little girl too much, you’ll freak out the cable guy (if he ever gets there).


And I can’t believe I’m putting this one on a list.  I promised myself I wouldn’t do this, but…


The Winner and #1.  DDRMAX: Dance Dance Revolution  (PS2)

Whip this one out when you see the work van pulling up outside.  Then strip naked and go at it full throttle.  It’s best if you have someone else there to answer the door.  You want the cable guy to see this happening.  Why, you ask?  Because if you have to sit around the house, lose a days pay, and feel like an awkward idiot all day, then the cable guy should feel like an awkward idiot as well.

That is all… see you by the DDR pad, I’ll be the guy with no pants on.

The Jester.

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